CD 326 Spider

Diamond cutting disc with turbo rim for porcelain, ceramics and hard materials
Diamond saw disc with 10mm turbo rim for cutting porcelain tiles, ceramics and more generally for all hard and very hard materials.

It allows an extremely fast cutting, with little dust and free chipping.

Available in diameters 115mm, 125mm, 180mm, 200mm, 230mm, 300mm and 350mm.
In stock
In stock
Models in catalog:
Product Name Ø Price Qty
CD 326 Spider 115mm 115mm
CD 326 Spider 125mm 125mm
CD 326 Spider 180mm 180mm
CD 326 Spider 200mm 200mm
CD 326 Spider 230mm 230mm
CD 326 Spider 300mm 300mm
CD 326 Spider 350mm 350mm
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Suitable for Tiles, Ceramic, Granite, Stoneware, Hard stones