CD 114 Multipower

Diamond blade for general purpose
Diamond blade CD 114 Multipower, an innovative diamond blade manufactured with a special vacuum galvanized process that, within a very short time, has revolutionized the diamond tools market.

To be used on grinders and available in diametres 115mm, 125mm and 230mm, this incredible blade is suitable for cutting: granite, brick, refractory materials, abrasive stones, concrete, reinforced concrete, iron, cast iron, synthetic materials, geberit, aluminium, fiberglass, metal profiles, ceramics and many others.

Thanks to its versatility, it is highly recommended for all those professionals during their workday have to cut a bit of everything, such as installers, plumbers, electricians, masons but also for individuals who want to use a really universal diamond blade to do small maintenance jobs at home.

A big advantage of this diamond saw blade is that it can be used to replace all types of abrasive blades and operators won't longer be forced to always change tools according to the material to be cut, so avoiding losing time.

Thanks to the innovative CD 114 Multipower diamond cutting blade, this problem will become just a simple memory: once mounted on the grinder, you can use the saw blade to cut many building materials.

It should however be reminded that this universal cutting blade doesn't replace designed diamond saw blades for specific materials. If it's necessary to cut, for example granite or ceramic, it is better to choose a diamond blade for that specific material application as perfomances and tool life would be different.

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In stock
Models in catalog:
Product Name Ø Number Settore Price Qty
CD 114 Multipower 230 230 2,0 2,0
CD 114 Multipower 125 125 7 1,8
CD 114 Multipower 115 115 6 1,8
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Suitable for Geberit, Plexiglass, Synthetic materials, Wood, Brick, Bricks, Concrete with soft aggregates, Aluminium, Marble, Ceramic