CD 229

Diamond blade for cutting granite, stones and reinforced concrete
Diamond blade with 10mm turbo segments for cutting granite, natural and artificial stone, concrete, reinforced concrete, tiles and building material.

The turbo sectors protect the steel core of the disc and ensure a fast and precise cut.

This diamond blade is available in the diameters 115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm, 230mm for dry cutting to be used with angle grinder and 300mm and 350mm diameters for wet cutting mounted on table saws.
In stock
In stock
Models in catalog:
Product Name Ø Price Qty
CD 229 115mm 115mm
CD 229 125mm 125mm
CD 229 150mm 150mm
CD 229 180mm 180mm
CD 229 230mm 230mm
CD 229 300mm 300mm
CD 229 350mm 350mm
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Suitable for Blocks of concrete, Porphyry, Concrete, Brick, Bricks, Reinforced concrete, Washed concrete, Poroton, Granite, Soft stones, Tiles