CD 323 - Porcelain

Diamond cutting blade for porcelain

CD 323 diamond disc with continuous thin crown, ideal for cutting tiles.

The diamond crown of the disc is completely smooth and has small notches, which allow the disk to expand during the cutting phases.

The reinforcement flange placed around the central hole gives greater resistance to the disc.

Available from 115mm up to 350mm diameter.

Recommended for cutting porcelain, single and double fired tile, majolica, marble, porcelain, mosaic.

To be used on grinders and table saws which mount diamond blades.

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In stock
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Product Name Ø Thickness Price Qty
CD 323 - Porcelain 115 115 1,2
CD 323 - Porcelain 125 125 1,3
CD 323 - Porcelain 230 230 1,7
CD 323 - Porcelain 350 350 2,1
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Suitable for Tiles, Marble, Granite, Stoneware