CP 016

Diamond cup wheel for the strong removal of glue, epoxy resin, paints

Diamond grinding cup specific for the strong removal of material and that is suitable for removing glues, paints, epoxy resins, to work on artificial materials, hard plastics, granite and stones.

This diamond cup wheel is the ideal solution for all tilers who need to remove the glue from the floor before being able to place the new tiles. If for this application a normal diamond grinding pad was used which has wide diamond sectors, the glue would stick to the diamond segment covering it completely and in a short time would make the diamond cuo completely unusable, which should be thrown away accordingly.

The CP 016 instead is equipped with small diamond sectors that considerably reduce the contact surface. This not only makes the CP 016 diamond cup wheel very fast, but allows the material to be discharged and this prevents the glue or other pasty materials from covering the diamond sectors, blocking their function.

The product is currently only available in the 125mm (5") diameter.

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