WS2.1 / WS3

Wall-saw blades with laser welded segments for cutting highly reinforced concrete
Wall-saw blades with laser welded segments of 12mm height. 

The segments are available in the dimensions 4,6x20 for the standard cutting, 4,0mm for the thin cutting and 5,0 for the pre-cutting.

These wall-saw blades are supplied in the diametres 600mm up to 1200 for the standard cutting, 600mm up to 800mm for the thin cutting and from 600mm up to 900mm for the pre-cutting.

There are available two different typologies of wall-saw blade, according to the wall-saw machine power:

- WS2.1: for wall-saw machine from 7,5Kw up to 22Kw.
- WS3: for wall-saw machine more than 22Kw.

The WS wall-saw blades are specially recommended for cutting highly reinforced concrete and grant very high performance and lifetime.
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WS2.1 / WS3
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WS2.1 / WS3