MC 400 - Max. blade 400mm

Asphalt and concrete cutter MC 400 maximum blade 400mm
Floor saw MC 400 for cutting asphalt, roadways, concrete, reinforced concrete, floors and for creating joint of dilatation on surfaces. This asphalt and concrete cutter is a fundamental tool for the building contractors engaged in road works, in the roadway maintenance and in laying pipes under roads.

This joint cutter is provided with a semi-automatic feed that increases the cutting precision and makes easier the traction of the asphalt cutter. Moreover, the joint cutter is equipped with recoil starter that can be regulated through the accelerator.

The diamond blade of maximum 400mm diametre is adjustable in height and is protected by a special frame, which prevents any possible accident to the operator.

Manual start
Cutting depth: 130mm
Arbor size: Ø 25.4
Manual feed
Tank Capacity: 25Lt

Available in 5 engines:

Subaru 9.0 HP Petrol
Subaru14.0 HP Petrol
Honda 9.0 Petrol
Honda 13.0 HP Petrol
Yanmar 10.0 HP Silent Diesel                

In stock
In stock
Suitable for:
Models in catalog:
Product Name Hp Engine Price Qty
MC 400 Honda GX270 8,4 BENZINA - GASOLINE
MC 400 Subaru EX27 9,0 BENZINA - GASOLINE
MC 400 Kohler CH395 9,5 BENZINA - GASOLINE
MC 400 Honda GX390 13,0 BENZINA - GASOLINE
MC 400 Subaru EX40 14,0 BENZINA - GASOLINE
MC 400 Kohler CH440 13,5 BENZINA - GASOLINE
MC 400 Yanmar L100 10,0 DIESEL