PT 1200

Troweling diameter 1120mm
The concrete power trowel PT 900 is perfect for finishing medium - large surfaces. The folding center pole makes transporting easy and the guide handle reduces vibrations, thus allowing comfortable working.

The inclination of the blades is mechanical.

This walk-behind trowel is available both with petrol and diesel engines and in the electrical version for use in closed environments.

Technical data:

Outer rotor diameter: 1120mm
Blades rotation diameter:
Blades rotation speed: 40 - 100 rpm
Sound level: 107dB
Sound level: 74dB (electric)
Dimensions: 2100x1120x900mm

Available engines
Kohler CH395 - 7,1kW (9,5Hp) - 114Kg
Honda GX270 - 6,6kW (9,0Hp) - 114Kg
Koher 15LD350 - 5,5kW (7,5Hp) - Diesel - 122Kg

Electrical 3,3kW (4,5Hp) - 121Kg
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Product Name Ø mm RPM Price Qty
PT 1200 1120 2100x1120x900 40 - 110
More Information
Ø 1120
mm 2100x1120x900
RPM 40 - 110