New wall-chaser CDS 180
The wall-chaser CDS 180 allows to perform tracing on all building materials in absolute safety and in the absence of dust.

This grooving machine is very useful if you have to make cuts for the installation of conduits, to place the cables for electrical systems and for the installation of pipes for hydraulic systems.

The wall-chaser CDS 180 provides very high performance on any type of masonry with a speed of 2m / min. on hollow bricks and 0.5 m / min. on reinforced concrete.

It also allows a high depth of cut, the adjustment of the depth and width of the track. This grooving machine is also provided with the connection for the suction of dust.

Additional features make this machine a unique wall-chaser: great handling with different possibilities of grip; the complete absence of vibrations; a sturdy aluminum protection for the diamond discs; a smooth sliding on all surfaces.

Technical data:
Voltage: 230V - 50 / 60Hz
Power: 1800W
Load speed: 4900 x 1 '
Blade: 180mm (x 22,2mm)
Cut max: 45 x 60mm
Weight: 6Kg
Noise: Lp (A) <97.5 Db
Vibrations: Root mean square acceleration <2.5 m / s