Vibrating tamper
The rammer PC 330 combines excellent compaction results, with high maneuverability along with a strong and durable structure.

This vertical compactor is an ideal tool for the compaction of the ground for the realization of ducts and pipes, in the construction of roads and in the realization of gardens or landscape structures.

The vibrating tamper is available both in the petrol version, as well as with diesel engine.

Technical data

Plate size: 330 x 285mm
Centrifugal force: 16 kN
Stroke: 50 - 75mm
Rounds per minute (Honda): 600-700
Rounds per minute (Yanmar): 640-680
Compaction depth: 0,50 - 0,70m
Feed speed: 15-20 m / min
Dimensions: 6 30 x 500 x 1100mm

Available engines:
Honda GXR120 Gasoline - 2,6kW (3.5 Kg) - 80Kg
Yanmar Diesel L48 - 3,1kW (4.2kg) - 87kg