MT 750

Masonry saw for cutting building materials. Max. blade 750mm
Masonry saw MT 750 for building site.
Using the correct diamond blade, it enables precision cutting of construction materials, such as granite, marble, stone, brick, terracotta, refractory materials, ceramics, concrete, porcelain stoneware, building materials. 

It mounts a maximum blade of 750mm and its frame, entirely constructed of steel, makes possible precise cutting.

This masonry saw is available both with single-phase engine, as well as with three-phase engine

Technical data:

- Painted with hot melt epoxy powder.
- Cutting trolley mounted on stainless steel wheels and fitted with two metric scales.
- Blade Diameter: 750mm
- Cutting length: 680mm
- Cutting thickness: 325mm
- Speed: 1450 RPM
- Arbor: 25,4mm

- Sliding table: 600 x 600mm
- Total dimensions: 800 x 800 x 1600mm

- Single-phase engine: 2,2KW - 3,0HP - 230V
- Three-phase engine: 4,0KW - 5,5HP - 380V

- Weight: 135kg
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MT 750