CD 223

Very thin diamond cuting blade for the hardest materials

Ultra-thin diamond blade suitable for cutting porcelain stoneware, ceramic, marble, granite and also for new generation materials such as Dekton and Okite.

The smooth diamond crown guarantees a cut without chipping in the material and the small notches on the diamond part allow the tool to expand during the cutting phases without deforming the metal part and then return to its original shape once it has cooled.

Its thickness of only 1.0mm allows an extremely fast and precise cut in the hardest materials.

It is therefore one of the top-of-the-range diamond blades.

The CD 223 is available in 115mm and 125mm diameters.

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In stock
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CD223115 115mm
CD223125 125mm
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Suitable for Tiles, Marble, Ceramic, Stoneware