CD 106

Diamond blade for general purpose
Diamond cutting blade CD 106 with special perforated core.

This blade is laser welded and features a peculiar "v" segment which is 10mm high, that greatly increases the cutting speed.

Available from Ø230 to Ø400mm for dry and wet cutting.

Recommended for cutting: granite, bricks, refractory bricks, concrete, cured concrete, reinforced concrete, washed concrete.

To be used on grinders, cut-off and table saws which mount diamond blades.
High cutting speed, strength, durability and performance.
In stock
In stock
Models in catalog:
Product Name Ø Number Settore Price Qty
CD 106 400 400 28 3,2X40
CD 106 350 350 25 3,0X40
CD 106 300 300 21 2,8x40
CD 106 230 230 16 2,8x40
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Suitable for Refractory, Concrete, Brick, Bricks, Reinforced concrete, Washed concrete, Granite